A Welcome Mooring

Brandon and I are in the midst of a travel lull at the moment. We began this adventure without a detailed plan of where to go and when, opting instead for the relative freedom of booking travel on short notice and moving along at our own pace. Since Romania, we’ve moved quite a bit: In … More A Welcome Mooring

Romania: Compelling and rich. Delicious, but filling.

Traveling southeast from Budapest on the train to Transylvania, we weren’t sure what to expect. We chose to visit Romania, because it seemed to have everything we were looking for in our next destination: incredible mountains, friendly people, and places that are a little more off the beaten path. Our intel was solely based on … More Romania: Compelling and rich. Delicious, but filling.

Gettin’ Hygge with It

We’ve been in Romania for over a week now, so I figured it’s about time for a post about our transition from Scandinavia to Central Europe. After Stockholm, we spent three days in Copenhagen (København to the Danes) before jetting southeast to Budapest, which served as a bridge to traipsing about Transylvania. One of the best … More Gettin’ Hygge with It