On the road

We made it out of our apartment in Seattle and down to sunny (and HOT) California! Everything we own save for a thing or two fit into Black Butte the Allroad, and we made it within 15 pounds of her maximum load limit. Given that, the drive was a bit anxiety-inducing as we worried about bumps and potholes testing the rear suspension to its limits. Black Butte pulled through in the clutch (ha!), and I’m sure we shaved only minimal amounts of time off our lives from the stress.

Mount Shasta behind Black Butte

Highlights from this leg:

  • Our Crater Lake side-trip: Brandon had visited Crater lake before, but it was my first time seeing this amazing body of water. It sits at 6,178′ above sea level, and high snow levels meant that none of the hiking trails and most of the roads were still closed. We still had a great time venturing where we could and stretching our legs for the 10-ish hour journey to Arnold, CA.
  • The Caudle & Cashell-Varga Wedding: The reason for our stop in Arnold was to celebrate the marriage of Brandon’s cousin David to his love Charlotte. I love getting together with Brandon’s family, and this time was no exception. The weekend was full of lots of love, plenty of food, and all of the hugs. We are so excited for the newly married couple!

3 thoughts on “On the road

  1. Black Butte is a champion…..I hope things cool off out there are you get ready to start traveling east. I love hearing about what you are doing. Just a month until you are in Chicago…..can’t wait. You will have a lot of adventures between now and then.

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